The Lower Saucon Authority provides water and sewer service to residents of Lower Saucon Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania. We are formed under the Pennsylvania Municipal Authority Act.

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Water Main Break in the Bingen Area – September 6, 2023

UPDATE: 7:30AM – The break was repaired overnight and service has been restored to all customers. You may see some cloudy water at first when you turn your water on as some sediment within the pipes was disturbed – if so, just run your spigot for 15 to 20 minutes and that will clear up the sediment. Thank you to all of our customers for your patience and understanding during this water main break!

UPDATE: 10:40PM – Our crew has located the break – it is near the intersection of Black River Road and Surrey Road. They are on their way to begin repairs, which we anticipate should be completed overnight. Those in the area may experience cloudy water when the work is done – just run your faucet (actually your outside spigot is preferable) for 15-20 minutes to clear out the cloudy water.

UPDATE: 8:30PM – Our crew is still trying to locate the break. As part of their search, they will be turning valves on and off in different locations. This means that you may have water service on for a while, then off (if they valve your area off.) This is part of the process of locating the break. Please bear with us…

UPDATE: 7:30PM – Our crew has not located the water main break yet, but they have narrowed it down to much smaller area. They are actively searching for the break in that area.

Right now residents making us aware that customers have low pressure and water service in the Bingen area. We have determined that there is most likely a water main break, and we are searching to try and find it. Once we do find it we will work to get it repaired as quickly as possible. We will update this page as the situation changes.

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