System Security


The Lower Saucon Authority is placing increased emphasis on system security issues as we address the increased threat of vandalism / terrorist activity in a post-9/11 world.  Security and emergency preparedness-related articles which appear in Township Newsletters, the press and other sources will be posted to this section of our website in an effort to inform our customers so that we can work together to keep our community safe.


All Lower Saucon Authority employees carry photo I.D.  If you wish to verify whether an individual attempting to gain access to your home is actually an LSA employee, please ask them to produce the card.  If you have any doubt, call the office at 610-317-3212 during normal business hours.  After normal business hours, Northampton County Control can be contacted at 610-330-2200.  They have 24x7 contact information for all LSA personnel.

Please feel free to check. 

As with other utility-type operations, most work inside a customer's home will be pre-arranged with the customer, with the exception of some residences where we do not yet have remote meter reading devices installed.   During meter reading months (January, April, July, October) those sites will be visited by a meter reader (see Meter Reading page).

Fire Hydrants Unauthorized Use

Your friendly local fire hydrant spends its whole life waiting to help out and keep you safe in the event of a fire emergency.  You can return the favor and keep it safe by making sure that no one tampers with it in the meantime.....

Only Lower Saucon Authority  personnel, and Fire Emergency personnel engaged in a fire emergency or authorized training,  are allowed to operate a fire hydrant. 


Lawn care professionals, water transporters,  pool contractors and other contractors are not authorized to operate hydrants as they could inadvertently contaminate the water supply in the process, or even damage the hydrant itself. 

If you observe what appears to be unauthorized use of a hydrant, please contact the Lower Saucon Police by calling 911 or the County Control non-emergency number at 610-330-2200 and reporting the incident.