Periodically scam artists/thieves will attempt to gain access to a residence posing as utility workers. Recently, persons posing as “water company” workers gained access to homes in Lower Saucon and Upper Saucon Townships. In both cases they had targeted homes with wooden handicapped access ramps.

The basic scam often involves two individuals, one of which goes into the basement to check something, with the intent of being followed by the resident. The second individual is then free to go through the house looking for valuables.

All Lower Saucon Authority employees carry a photo I.D.  If you wish to verify whether an individual attempting to gain access to your home is actually an LSA employee, please ask them to produce the card.  If you have any doubt, call the office at 610-317-3212 during normal business hours.  After normal business hours, Northampton County Control can be contacted at 610-759-2200.  They have 24x7 (cell phone) contact information for all LSA personnel.  Other utilities (UGI, PPL, etc.) have similar policies.

A photo of our field technicians is shown below. Note that our employees will have clearly marked white trucks with Lower Saucon Authority decals.

Updated information can always be found on our website at www.lowersauconauthority.org.

Bill Reccek                            Lawrence Carl

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William G. Ross

Administrator                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          WGR:10/12/2017