Usage Charge (Effective 07-01-14)

The Water Usage Charge rate  is $6.61 per thousand gallons of usage. 


Base Charge (In Effect Since 01-01-12)

The Base Charge for different sized meters remains unchanged since 2012, and is detailed below.

A flat Base Charge is added to the bill depending on the size of the Meter as follows:


Residential Meter


  5/8-Inch Meter (Typical Residential) $      32.50 Quarterly

Larger Residential / Commercial / Industrial Meters

  3/4-Inch Meter (Large Residential/Small Commercial) $      69.66 Quarterly
  1-Inch Meter $    162.52 Quarterly
  1 1/2-Inch Meter $    430.32 Quarterly
  2-Inch Meter $    784.80 Quarterly
  3-Inch Meter $    812.68 Quarterly
  4-Inch Meter $ 1,185.69 Quarterly
  6-Inch Meter $ 2,211.97 Quarterly
  8-Inch Meter or Larger $ 4,284.61 Quarterly


Capital Charge (Effective 07-01-14)

In order to gradually build Water Capital Reserves for future infrastructure improvement projects, the Authority Board has established a $6.00 per Customer per Quarter (Water) Customer Capital Charge to be reserved for capital Water-related improvements. This charge will be included on the quarterly water bill under the Surcharge section beginning with the August billing statement. Sewer Customers are not affected.


SEWER (In Effect Since 01-01-10)

Sewer rates are $80 per quarter per EDU (Equivalent Dwelling Unit) and remain unchanged.



Quarterly Bills are issued in early February, May, August and November with payment due at the beginning of March, June, September and December. 


Water and Sewer bills are combined on one statement. Water Bills are billed for the prior quarter's actual usage (e.g. a bill received in May is for water consumed January through March). Sewer Bills are billed for the current quarter (e.g. a sewer bill received in May is for the April through June time period).