It’s Pink and Growing on my Shower Curtain!

Is There Something Wrong with My Water?

Normally the water is fine but its presence is causing some unwanted guests..... 

We occasionally get calls from customers about pink / black films which they find in showers and especially on vinyl shower curtains, even sometimes on plastic water dishes for pets, etc.

The pink (sometimes black) films which can appear from time to time on shower stall, tile, shower curtains, toilet tanks, etc. are actually various forms of mold which originate in the air and simply like the humid, moist conditions that exist in these types of locations and “set up shop”.  Some of these molds actually use the plastic, tile grout, etc. as food and can proliferate from time to time.

Most of these molds are fairly harmless unless you have a specific allergy, although some forms of mold can be harmful to your health and require professional abatement techniques.  The best approach is to minimize their opportunity for growth and to clean affected surfaces periodically with commercially available tile cleaners / disinfectants.  A cup of household bleach left to stand a few minutes in the toilet tank followed by scrubbing can help disinfect that difficult area if films begin to appear.

Since some forms of mold also like grout, drywall dust, etc. frequent cleaning/changing of your furnace filter can help keep dust levels down, especially in a new home, where drywall dust can be more of an issue.

Finally, running the bathroom ventilation fan and opening the shower curtains/doors can reduce the humidity after a shower and make conditions less favorable for those little pink critters!

Hope this helps!!!

Lower Saucon Authority