S Fix Leaky Toilets - A Major Cause of Excess Water Usage

S Take Shorter Showers and  Save 3-5 Gallons every Minute

S Fill Tub Halfway and Save 10-15 Gallons per Bath

S Install Water-Saving Toilets & Shower Heads

S Don't Run Water While Shaving, or When Brushing Teeth

S Repair Leaky Faucets and Turn Taps Off Tightly

S Run Dishwasher and Washing Machine Only When Full

S Install Front-Loading Washing Machine - Saves 40% H20!!!

S Don't Let Water Run When Washing Dishes

S Avoid Watering Lawns in the Heat of The Day

S Sweep Sidewalks Instead of Washing Them Down...

Thank You!!!

These Tips Taken in Part from "The Do's and Don'ts of Water Conservation" published by the Delaware River Basin Commission.