About The

Lower Saucon Authority


                    Service Area

The Lower Saucon Authority currently serves over 2166 water customers and 2008 sewer customers, primarily in the western half of the Township. It operates and maintains some 41 miles of public water main and 27 miles of public sewer main, two water tanks and two sewage pumping stations and several water and sewer system monitoring stations.

Over 122 million gallons of water are supplied annually to our customers. The water is produced by the City of Bethlehem and delivered through the Authority's Distribution System.



The first public water system in the Township was built by Mr. Hugh Crilly in the early 1900’s on top of South Mountain in the area now known as Star Village / University Heights from springs located east of Kohler Drive.

The Hetrick Water System was constructed in the 1920’s to provide water to the Wydnor Subdivision located in the area of Old Philadelphia Pike and Stonesthrow Road. It drew water from wells located off Evergreen Road on Mr. Hetrick’s property.

As the Township developed, public water service, and then sewer service was extended, mostly from west to east, as follows:

1950’s - The City of Bethlehem / Bethlehem Steel Corp. constructs a 12-inch water main into Upper and Lower Saucon Townships, along Old Philadelphia Pike, to provide additional public water service to the region from the Star Reservoir.

1950’s – Formation of the Lower Saucon Water Authority system to provide water service to the developing area east of Old Philadelphia Pike along Black River Road.

1976 – Water service is provided to the Bingen Area.

1977-78 – Lower Saucon Township purchases the University Heights and Hetrick water systems to form the Wydnor / University Heights Water System.

1988 – An additional water feed is brought into the center of the Township with the addition of a water main from the Williams Street Tank down Creek Road to Friedensville Road and into the Township.

1987 - A public water system is installed in Steel City.

1988 - The Lower Saucon Authority, in its current form, is created by Township Council to put all non-City-owned public water systems under one organization.

1989 – The first major sewer project is completed and provides public sewer service along Black River Road and East eventually connecting to an interceptor going to the City of Bethlehem Sewage Treatment Plant.

1992 - The Township Council passes a resolution assigning the responsibility for allocation, supply, maintenance, ownership, planning and construction of public water systems in Lower Saucon Township to the Lower Saucon Authority.

1992 and 1993 – Water service is provided in stages to Applebutter Road, Ringhoffer Rd, and Skyline Drive, the final construction being completed in 2002.

1997 - The Township transfers the sewer system and the responsibility for its engineering, operation and maintenance to the Authority. The Township maintains control over the allocation process and extension of sewer service into new areas.

1999 – The water distribution system is extended to provide service to the Hellertown Park area.

2001-2002 – Water and Sewer service is extended to the Creekside Market Place along Route 412 near Leithsville.